Lisa Barbero


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Charge of Dionysus

Charge of Dionysus


Dionysus (or Bacchus) is best known as a god of wine and festivity. But he was also called “bull-horned” or “bull-faced” and was connected in antiquity to the sacrificial bull that brings new life as his own comes to an inevitable end. The Charge of Dionysus (Taurian Secrets No. 02) possesses strength, determination, and divine courage.

* * *

This is a 100% original modern abstract painting in acrylic and mixed media on stretched canvas by Lisa Barbero. It measures 20x20 inches and is framed by the artist with a floating walnut strip frame. The strip frame gives the canvas edge a depth of about 1 inch. The canvas is wired, ready to hang, signed on front, and signed/titled on reverse.

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