Lisa Barbero


you’re an original. your art should be too.

Cosmic Deep

Cosmic Deep


What a lovely surprise to see this one come alive. Cosmic Deep is about space but not necessarily outer space, despite it’s rather nebulous glow. Space. What are it’s limitations, it’s possibilities, and it’s surprises? What does your inner space feel like compared to your outer space? Where have you been and where are you going? Who are you and who will you become?

* * *

Decor ideas: This one has got just about every color in the rainbow and would work nearly anywhere. My favorite compliments for it would be orange and olive green though it would obviously be great for a room with navy blue accents as well.

* * *

This is a 100% original modern abstract painting in acrylic and mixed media on stretched canvas by Lisa Barbero. It measures 24x24 inches and is framed by the artist with a floating walnut strip frame. The strip frame gives the canvas edge a depth of about 1 inch. The canvas is wired, ready to hang, signed on front, and signed/titled on reverse.

All original paintings ship free within the United States.