Lisa Barbero


you’re an original. your art should be too.

The Return

The Return


Combining what’s safe and comforting with the allure of the unknown, The Return is passionate and calm, peaceful and searching all at once. It’s a mix of polarities inhabiting the same space and inviting you in.

* * *

Decor ideas: This one looks fantastic on shades of white and light grey as a dynamic pop of color. Accents that would work well include deep navy, soft pinks, and bright blues.

* * *

This is a 100% original modern abstract painting in acrylic and mixed media on stretched canvas by Lisa Barbero. It measures 18x24 inches and is framed by the artist with a floating walnut strip frame. The strip frame gives the canvas edge a depth of about 1 inch. The canvas is wired, ready to hang, signed on front, and signed/titled on reverse.

All original paintings ship free within the United States.