Lisa Barbero


you’re an original. your art should be too.




Heartwild is a subtle and serene world of secrets that asks you to look with the right eyes to see the answers you’ve known all along.

* * *

Decor ideas: The organic shapes and colors in Heartwild make a great contrasting compliment to clean lines and modern design. Accent colors that work with this one are pinks, blue-violet, serene aqua, and neutrals like olive or cream.

* * *

This is a 100% original modern abstract painting in acrylic and mixed media on stretched canvas by Lisa Barbero. It measures 24x30 inches and is framed by the artist with a floating walnut strip frame. The strip frame gives the canvas edge a depth of about 1 inch. The canvas is wired, ready to hang, signed on front, and signed/titled on reverse.

All original paintings ship free within the United States.