Lisa Barbero


you’re an original. your art should be too.

As Told By Apis

As Told By Apis


As Told By Apis (Taurian Secrets No. 01) was a delightfully unexpected piece to bring to life. Apis is the ancient Bull God of Egypt, representing eternity and the harmonious balance of the Universe. Do you see him? Or I suppose it could be his mother, Hathor. Then again, maybe Coyote is just having some fun with me.

* * *

This is a 100% original modern abstract painting in acrylic and mixed media on stretched canvas by Lisa Barbero. It measures 24x24 inches and is framed by the artist with a floating walnut strip frame. The strip frame gives the canvas edge a depth of about 1 inch. The canvas is wired, ready to hang, signed on front, and signed/titled on reverse.

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