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Lisa Barbero


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Hey! I’m Lisa and I’m an artist. Currently, I’m in my tiny studio making abstract paintings that are full of color and personality. I’ve also created hundreds of illustrative prints that are popular with new parents and folks who love to smile. Scroll through to see all the latest happenings and be sure to subscribe to my mailing list to get exclusive updates and inspiration delivered straight to your inbox.

Photo: I’m also a mom to two amazing kids (ages 8 and 19). This is me and my youngest pausing our strawberry picking to take a goofy selfie on an early summer day.



Artist Journal


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You Were Never Trapped, 2017

You Were Never Trapped, 2017

My process is a constant seeking for balance between creation and destruction.

I begin with intuitive marks made with various media, from pencils and big sharpies to plastic wrap and even furniture repair markers. Once the first level of chaos is reached, I work over the marks with forms of color. More marks go in on top of that before being painted over again.

This cyclical and predominantly unconscious process can go on for a while before eventually resulting in a piece that I feel has captured and made lasting something that was once only an ephemeral moment of feeling or experience unique to me.

I usually live with each piece for a little while, making sure it wasn’t the splendor of the afterglow that made me think they were finished. Some paintings go through many incarnations before they’re fully formed and ready for the next phase of their journey.

It's my job to be patient enough to know when that moment arrives. 

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